Hey there!

Beyond my crazy passion for photography, I’m mostly known for my uncontrollable doodling habit (no pen is safe in my hands when there’s paper hangin’ around), my addiction to hitting up all the thrift stores around town for the best deals, and my obsession with my kitten, Rumi. Lots of my days are spent day-dreaming about the next place on my long travel list or tackling my fear of heights at the rock climbing gym.

My photography “style” aims to draw out aliveness, those things and people that keep us full of life and make us teem with bliss. The photos are meant to serve as a physical reminder of how you felt in that specific time in your life, those beautifully fleeting and always evolving in-betweens, or a tangible capture of your brand embodied. Aliveness cannot be faked, therefore I aim to keep things as natural and “lifestyle-esque” as possible. 

I hope you’ll hop on over to that tab just to the right so we can get to know each other a little better!